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Below is our current schedule -- Winter/Spring 2015. To the right are PDF files of our current and past schedules.

Unless otherwise announced, all lectures are presented Sundays from 1:30 to approximately 3:00 pm. Meeting location is on the campus of the Chatham University: Room 103 in Woodland Hall for this session. See the Meetings page for a map

Attendees need not be a member of the society, but must abide by the society's standards of civil conduct. Unless otherwise indicated, programs may be attended free of charge. Call our 24-hour automated phone system at 412-462-4200 for the most current information on lectures and society sponsored events. This number will have all the latest information on weather and unforeseen cancellations. Officers can be reached at this same number.

Feb 22 ABCS of Spiritual Growth - Rick Crempie
If you've ever wondered how some techniques for psychic development sound so simple in well-crafted books yet seem to fall flat in practice? Come and discover ideas that will help you get past common hurdles. Psychic and spiritual growth within the realm of the paranormal and metaphysical is often overlooked as so many share from the perspective of a practitioner. As a minister I'm going to share teachings, thoughts, and techniques to expand your grasp of astrology, tarot, spirits, energy work, and divination.

Rev. Rick Crempie has more than 35 years as a paranormal investigator, psychic medium, PsychicTaro reader, and intuitive astrologer. He performs karmic astrology to develop the gifts of clients to help with evolution of the self. As an intuitive developer, Rick develops ones spiritual life.

Mar 1 Enlightenment - Andrew Nesky
Esoteric traditions from time immemorial have believed that it is possible to teach wisdom. Whether the process concludes in "Redemption," "Awakening," or "Enlightenment" the result seeks less an expansion of conventional knowledge than a qualitative expansion of human character and permeability in the sense of self. Join Theosophical Society President Andrew Nesky as he reprises this asked-for multi-media investigation into this fundamental esoteric process.

Andrew Nesky is the president of the Theosophical Society in Pittsburgh. He has twice been elected to the position of Master of a Masonic Lodge and is a published writer. An actor with hundreds of stage performances, he also lectures on the subject of metaphysics and human development and has coached high school competitive public speaking, specializing in value-based Lincoln-Douglas format debate. He hosts the web-casted talk show "Science and the Outer Streams" that investigates the frontiers of human thought, science, and spirituality. The show can be viewed at YouTube keyword "Outer Streams."

Mar 8 The Grief Revolution - Debbie Pakler, Ph.D.
As painful as grief can be, Debbie Pakler, psychotherapist and psychic medium, will introduce you to twenty-first century ways to make the grieving process a little less painful in discussing concepts from her book, The Grief Revolution. The innovative methods she discusses combine traditional psychological concepts with new age spiritual practices delivering fresh, crisp, and comprehensive methods addressing both the emotional and metaphysical concerns involved in grieving. In this engaging talk, Debbie will introduce a maverick new approach to grief that will forever change the way you look at life, death, and the thin line between them. She will have her copies of her book and decks of Comfort Cards for purchase.

Debbie Pakler, Ph.D., is a well-known psychic medium in the Pittsburgh area. She has a master’s degree in counseling and social work and is licensed as a social worker, certified public school teacher, and counselor. She has a Ph.D. in metaphysics and is certified as a medium and spiritual counselor through the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship at Delphi University and received additional training as a medium at the Arthur Findlay College in London, England, and in Lily Dale, New York. In her readings, her presentations, and her writing, she weaves her experiences as a counselor and psychotherapist together with her abilities as a psychic medium to accomplish a seamless, holistic approach that satisfies both the mind and spirit.

Mar 15 Esoteric Approaches to Addiction and Depression - Joe Turiano
It has long been noted that difficulties such as depression and alcoholism, as well as many other patterns, tend to run in families. Modern science tends to attribute this to genetics, but a more insightful explanation exists. This lecture will explore the nature of and causes for these patterns, along with the universal nature of the effects of parents, childhood, and ancestry on the human psyche.

Joe Turiano is a past-life regression therapist (Woolger USA) and a Hellinger Family Constellation Therapist through the Hellinger Institute of Western PA. He is also a certified transpersonal hypnotherapist through the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists.

Mar 22 Buddha Mind, Intelligence, Holy Spirit/Christ Mind - Theodore L. Kneupper, Ph.D.
Three Ideas of the Highest Wisdom Principle Available to Human Minds. In the teachings of Buddhism, Krishnamurti, and Christian mysticism, spiritual maturation for humans is said to require accessing a "highest wisdom principle," designated by these three names. While there are great similarities in their meanings, there are also differences. In this talk, we will reflect on those similarities and differences, giving attention to how their meanings have important ramifications for the practices within those traditions that are central to full realization.

Theodore Kneupper, Ph.D. is professor emeritus in philosophy at Slippery Rock University, where he taught for 34 years. He has been a student of the world’s spiritual traditions, particularly Buddhism and A Course in Miracles, for many years. He is the director of Mind Unlimited (, which is dedicated to the exploration of the higher possibilities of human nature.

Mar 29 A Good Life: Spirituality In Practice - Phil Jannetta
Rather than being separate from daily affairs, spirituality is our moment-to-moment expression of personal values and beliefs. Phil will discuss concepts and practices for spiritual development from a Buddhist perspective.

Phil Jannetta is an internationally known feng shui teacher and consultant, as well as a published author. He comes to this county after spending over 15 years in Asia as a student, teacher, and consultant, where he studied feng shui with professional Chinese practitioners, Taoist scholars, and Buddhist monks. For more than a decade Mr. Jannetta operated a successful consulting practice in Tokyo. His advice was based on the principals of Ch'I energy and their application to physical and mental well being. Since returning to the US, Phil has appeared on television and radio, and in major newspapers. He consults and lectures throughout the US, Europe, and the Far East, and regularly teaches at the University of Pittsburgh and Community College of Allegheny County. His published works include co-authorship of several books with Michio Kushi, including the acclaimed Macrobiotics and Oriental Medicine.





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