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Below is our current schedule -- Spring 2015. To the right are PDF files of our current and past schedules.

Unless otherwise announced, all lectures are presented Sundays from 1:30 to approximately 3:00 pm. Meeting location is on the campus of the Chatham University: Room F117 in Falk Hall for this term for this session. See the Meetings page for a map

Attendees need not be a member of the society, but must abide by the society's standards of civil conduct. Unless otherwise indicated, programs may be attended free of charge. Call our 24-hour automated phone system at 412-462-4200 for the most current information on lectures and society sponsored events. This number will have all the latest information on weather and unforeseen cancellations. Officers can be reached at this same number.

May 17 Making Spiritual Decisions -- Ed Foote
This talk examines how to make decisions in life based on spiritual principles found in the Edgar Cayce readings and A Course in Miracles. We will look at how to establish the proper mindset prior to making any decision, and then specific spiritual rules for making decisions will be given. By following these rules a person can reduce stress and bring peace and calm into their life.

Ed Foote has been a student of A Course In Miracles and the Edgar Cayce Readings for over 25 years, and he lectures on these topics for metaphysical groups around the country. He leads church services and teaches Spiritual Dance in several states each year. Ed helps organize events for the Edgar Cayce organization in Pittsburgh and also conferences for the Miracle Distribution Center in California and other states.

May 31 The Reality of Other Dimensions -- Francesca Szarnicki
When people casually mention other dimensions they are usually coming from a philosophical point of view. In this meeting, we will approach other dimensions as a logical reality. As more people understand this reality, other dimensions will become readily accessible to all.

Francesca Szarnicki is an experienced healer, life coach, numerologist, teacher, author, and lecturer. Through her integrated healing practice she has helped countless people to accept themselves, heal body and soul, and expand their creative potential. Her business Francesca New Age Services, Inc. is home to her creative endeavors as well as her web site:

June 7 The Practice of Happiness -- Laura Parkinson, M.S.
Positive psychology, the latest field of psychology, has made a "big splash" in the past few years. Best-selling books, magazines on happiness, and numerous positive psychology master's degrees and certification programs have flooded the internet. This theoretical and practical presentation will discuss the definition of happiness, focusing on the foundational concepts as identified by Martin Seligman and his practitioners. Current self-help books, magazines, and certificate programs on the subject will be reviewed briefly to provide the audience with background on the key components of happiness. The majority of the lecture will cover practical, specific techniques and exercises to improve one's happiness in everyday life. In this engaging talk, Laura will conclude with how happiness directly relates to spirituality and self-actualization.

Laura Parkinson's background includes 30 years in corporate training and development, organizational consulting and coaching, and 5 years as an adjunct professor. Her education includes a master's degree in counseling from University of Wisconsin, along with a two year certificate in core somatics, numerous years of psychotherapy and training workshops, as well as a BS in business with a minor in psychology and sociology from Purdue University.

June 14 The Joy of Death -- Rebecca Troup
Although adjusting to death can be difficult and ongoing, there is a bright side to death. Remembering the joys of physical death allows us to live, die, and say goodbye more easily. What would life be like if we decided to stop taking it all so seriously and started having fun with death before it occurs?

Rebecca Troup is a certified instructor, professional speaker, and consultant. She has been educating adults for more than 25 years in the business, medical, and metaphysical fields. She has become well known and respected for her unique ability to present information in a fun, easy-to-understand manner, while retaining the depth of the material. Her approach to shifting everyday perceptions has helped countless individuals enjoy a happier life. Isn't Fun the Best Thing to Have?, 724-575-1284

June 21 The Significance of the Day -- Donna Greco
Astrologer Donna Greco will bring in the Summer Solstice with a discussion of the significance of current planetary events. The sign of Cancer will be thoroughly discussed, as well as the end phase of the Uranus-Pluto square. This powerful transiting aspect has been looming large both personally and collectively. Uranus and Pluto in stressful relationship to each other are catapulting us into unfamiliar territory bringing about tremendous change, healing, and transformation, as we are being graced with powerful messages both personally and collectively. We are well aware of the monumental shift that is occurring. The specific themes of this shift will be discussed as it pertains to each sign. Donna will also offer insight into the benefits of astrological counseling as a tool for personal transformation affecting long term global healing. And, there is always the unexpected inspiration that strikes just before the talk! As always, there will be opportunity for open discussion.

Donna Greco has pursued the study of astrology and tarot for 25 years within the context of personal and spiritual transformation, blending artistic sensitivity with spiritual knowledge and attunement as a facilitator for healing and personal transformation. She is available for private counseling sessions, lecture presentations, workshops, and mentoring. She does readings in person, by phone, and online, having attracted in recent years an international clientele. An accomplished pianist-teacher-composer, her musical career spans 35 years in the classical, jazz, and contemporary instrumental genres. Her Intuitive music practice is designed to create personalized musical settings for the facilitation of healing and meditation. She also receives commissions for specialized musical recordings produced and designed for personal and sacred intentions. She is a certified music practitioner providing music for healing and transition in the hospice setting. She counsels and teaches in her Squirrel Hill Studio. Her websites are and

June 28 What is Love? -- Kedarji
Spiritual life cannot be sustained without Love. It cannot be sustained without the experience of the Abode of the Heart, that purest place within us that reflects Light, Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness everywhere. Going to this sacred place within is how we realize that Love, Peace and Joy are who we really are. In this program, we will examine and experience the answer to the question “What is Love?"

Kedar, affectionately called Kedarji, is an enlightened spiritual teacher and meditation master in the lineage of Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. He is a peacemaker whose experience is that Peace is an inner transformation. A former professional actor and musician, Kedarji is the founder of The Bhakta School of Transformation and published author and a teacher of Shaivism who has guided many seekers and helped people across the world realize their true worth by attaining Inner Peace and acquiring the Bliss of the Self, and by guiding them to a state of permanent spiritual transformation that allows one to lead a better life in this world.

  END OF LECTURE SEASON -- See You in the Fall!




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